fredag 19 maj 2017

Making and re-making

Today I finished the baron's mi-parti brocade gown. Unlike mine it has buttons on the sleeves (I can get my hands through them anyway).

Sleeves and buttons:

Photos of the actual gowns will come after Double Wras, when we have worn them together.

I also re-made an old liripie hodd od Maja's - she couldn't pull it over her head anymore, so I opened it and made buttonholes and sewed on brass buttons. I also re-made a shift that once belonged to her sister's and which is a bit too narrow over the chest into a shirt for the baron's son; it only needd to be shortened and hemmed.

Finally I remade the neck opening on my green silk bliaut. The reason why it has such a deep opening was that I needed to be able to nurse Maja. But now when a) I haven't nursed for ten years and b) I fit into it again I unpicked the trim, shortened it and sewed the slit together.

Old neckline:

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