lördag 6 maj 2017

My viking outfit re-made, and a visit to a viking market

Om Thursday's sewing meeting at my place I took in my Köstrup viking dress, and today I wore it to Ale Viking market. Except that I forgot to bring my string of beads that I hade re-threaded last night  - typical.

The market was packed with peopel- the warm and sunny weather probably helped there. There were lots of vendors, but I managed to get away without buying more than two deer's antlers for a non-historical project.

Met lots of friends. This is my friend Graciela and parts of her family (husband and one son not visible)

Here you can see the husband eating behind us two though :)

The market is very beautifully situated, and this sight of the children playing among the trees and wood anemones was just magical.

And I ran into baron Måns, also dressed in viking garb. And I got a hug from his very nice son.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You look wonderful! Beautiful and healthy and very well suited to the Viking life.

  2. Thank you. It wasa wodnerful day too.