måndag 20 november 2017

Sewing - a little bit of this and that

When trying on Valeria's camicia and gown I realized that they seams attaching the sleeves to the body of the camicia would be visible when she wore them together, and that this meant that I "had" to embroider over that seam too. I started a little while I was in Delft, and continued last week at home. One of the sides is now made and I have done about half on the other.

However, yesterday I got tired of embroidery, and started on a muslin gown from c. 1810. Since it's not all hand sewn (though there's enough of that too) it ought to be finished this week.

The skirt is sewn, and I have attached (by machine) the 7 metres of hand-hemmed ruffle at the hem. Now I need to make sleeves, and attach the skirt.

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