fredag 23 mars 2018

Close-up of closures in the 15th century

Last week I was in New York - a big adventure, though spent in a very familiar way: museums and a conference. I took no less than 1993 photos, though about half of them are of the signs telling what I actually had photographed.

Since so many art historians (and others) have used the collections of the Metropolitan museum of Art, that most of the paintings are well-known by anyone interested in historical costume. Still, it's nice to have your own photos, and when you're there you can take detail shots of things that interest you - like closures on clothing in the 15th century.

Workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio: Madonna and child, 1470s. Both nice ladder lacing on the bodice and a good view of the ties on the sleeves.

Raffaellino del Garbo 1490s-1500? Detail of sleeve closed with pairs of clasps? Or buttons?Note the stripes on the smock.

Domenico Ghirlandaio 1488, close up of boy's sleeve closures. Look at the fur lining showing and the lovely brocade too.

Davide Ghirlandaio: Selvaggia Sassetti 1487-88 - look at the beatiful little metal "eyes" for lacing.

This one's from the Pierpont Morgan Library and Museum. Nice view of the front opening.

Close-up - you can really see the pleating, the ties,  and the smock under the gown.

And then a Flemish Madonna from the Met, look at the buttons on her sleeve. Master of teh legend of St.Ursula, late 15th century.

More Flemish, Hans Memling: the Annunciation, 1465-75. Nice buttoned sleeve.

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