tisdag 6 mars 2018

Regency outing

Today the various university departments here in Gothenburg had a chance to present themselves to high school students and I had been asked my my department, the Department of Historical Studies, to represent hisitory - and to dress up for it. Since the archaeologist showed a 12th century skull we decided that it was better with another time period than medieval. So I put on one of my regency outfits. It was a bit tricky, since hubby wasn't at home to help me with the ties in the back of the gown. I managed, but couldn't really hide the ties properly by myself. Luckily I ran into hubby downtown who not only took a photo of me, but also helped my with the ties.

On my way out, channeling my inner Mrs Bennet.

Outdoor selfie.

The photo Rickard took outside a part of the university library.

After the presentation I met up with my daughter Valeria and we went in to the libarary together, where some more photos were taken.

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