lördag 16 januari 2016

And a murrey sleeved surcoat for good measure

While going through my 13th-early 14th century garb I decided to iron some really wrinkly stuff and document it. This one is actually a part of a set of clothing, all in the same material, consisting of a cotte, a sleeveless surcoat, a cloak and a hood, but I have never taken photos of them worn together (well, obviously not the two surcoats at the same time) and I didn't have the energy to do so today, since the cloak is packed down somewhere else. I hope that I will remember to do this in spring.
Here you can see the cotte, cloak and hood, though not worn together.

Anyone understanding Swedish and interested in the phenomenon of sets of clothes from the same material, intended to be worn together, can have a look at pp 122-126 in my dissertation  (downloadable pdf, free). I plan to write about it here on the blog too, later on.

But, here is today's photo, meaning that it's only the sleeveless surcoat that hasn't been photographed some time :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, this one is really lovely, especially with the hints of blue peaking out around the wrists.

  2. Thank you . I plan to wear it more again.

  3. Thank you . I plan to wear it more again.