onsdag 6 januari 2016

More lined veils

This is the one that made me think of lined veils many years ago, from Vagnhärad in Sweden.

Photo: Lennart Karlsson, Medeltidens Bildvärld

As you can see it is made from a white fabric with gold stripes, and lined with red. It is locally made c 1300.

Then there's the treasure trove that is MS K26 at St.John's College, Cambridge - lots of lined veils there.

The Adoration of the Magi, fol 14r - white veil with red lining.

The burial of Mary, fol 24v - white veil, blue lining

The crucifixion, fol 19v - white veil, red lining.

The death of the Virgin Mary, fol 23 v - white veil, red lining

The descent of the Holy Ghost, fol 22r - white veil, red lining

The entombment of Christ, fol 21r - two green veils with red lining

The sickness of the Virgin Mary fol 23r - white(ish) or pinkish veil, green lining

The Visitation fol 11v - two white veils with red lining

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