måndag 23 maj 2016

Calligraphy and illumination

As the faithful reader know costuming isn't my only hobby; I also do calligraphy and illumination and here are a few that I haven't shown before.

Various Award of Arms

I'm very happy with the leaves in the initial, I haven't done them before.

Ragnhild the wise, Gotvik's award for Arts&Science

The Golden Ribbon, the Principality of Nordmark's award for service. Normally I remove the religious elements when I copy the design, but since the recipient is a vicar in real life and a canon in the society I kept teh rising Christ and added a kneeling Morten.

A thank you scroll to Ylffwa Yrwädher  for her excellent work as chatelaine for Attemark.

This is for the Order of the Ancient Dolphin, given to former barons and baronesses of Gotvik. I also modeled a seal from fimo clay to make wax seals.

The heart of St. Egon, Gotvik award for service.

This one is special, because Maja made the calligraphy and I did the illumination. It's for one of her best friends and Maja's first illumination.

Other scrolls that I have made.

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