lördag 21 maj 2016

My printed gown is finished

Yesterday I finished the printed gown. It has taken less time than expected, though for a bad reason: my arthirtis is right now so bad that I can't sit in front of a computer longer times, and even when I don't do that it hurts too much to do any serious thinking. As a university teacher this means that I can't work. I also feel like I have a temperature and need a lot of rest.

And the only way to stand the pain is a) to take tramadol and b) to try and distract myself. Hence lots of sewing.

The fabric is wool that I have hand printed a pattern on with modern textile paint. The cut is based on the gown of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia, from the 13th century. The buttons are made from red wool.

The gown is partly machine sewn - that is: the straigth seams are sewn on machine. But it's amazing how much hand work there still is on a machine sewn gown: All the seams are felled by hand. All hems are of course made by hand, and for the sleeve openings that meant first whipping down the edges, then sewing a bias strip over that and then making the buttonholes. And the buttons.

Anyway, the pain means that I can't focus (or sit long) enough to write the documentation for the gown right now. It will hopefully happen soon. If I rest and if I'm lucky and this flare goes down.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, that's amazing! I want one!

  2. Well done. When you get a chance (and when your arthritis is bothering you much less), please tell us what kind of stamp or stencil you used to print the fabric. and what brand of fabric paint you used.

  3. I used this paint and a stamp that I got from the same company, made from some kind of plastic material. http://www.pandurohobby.co.uk/Catalogue/20-Painting-Drawing/2010-Waterbased-Paint/201045-Textile-Paint/2/251210-Palett-250-ml-red

    Stamp: http://www.pandurohobby.co.uk/Catalogue/20-Painting-Drawing/2060-Stencils-Foam-Rubber-Stamps/206020-Foam-Rubber-Stamps/1/320021-Block-prnt-stmp-Barq-Medallion