måndag 3 juli 2017

Crazy about cotton

Today my khadi fabric arrived from India. I have been eye-ing this particular fabric on eBay for a while, since it combines two things that we know were common in the Italian cotton weaving: indigo dye and woven patterns. If it had been linen warp and cotton weft it would have been even better, since that was the most common type of cotton fabric woven in Europe in the Middle Ages.

It'a a bit bluer than the photo shows, at least on my browser. And it's everythign that I wished for; I was afraid it would be thin and flimsy, but no, it will do fine for a medieval gown.

Now to decide what to make from it: A 15th cnetury Italian high-waisted gown would look very good made from this. However, by that time the Italian cotton weaving industry was rather small, having been out-competed by the southern German fustian industry. Thought they of course still used cotton clothing in Italy. A working cless 13th or early 14th century Italian gown would, however probably be more typical.
Since I have other things to make this isn't that much of a problem though, I will consider the choice for a while. And pet the fabric (and pre-wash it).

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