söndag 23 juli 2017

Returning to the Regency

I of course blame Alfhild. She was the one who got me into calligraphy and illumination, something I enjoy immensely, and she re-awakened my interest in making clothing from the early 19th century. This is my previous excursion into this period, made in 2006.

But it is too big now, and it's more fun to make somthing new anyway. or some things - since I have already bought fabric for three gowns ;)

And made a new bonnet.

This was a 60s style straw hat, tall, and with a sort of lamphade brim, that I bought very cheaply at a market som years ago, more to support the organization who sold it than because it fit me. Because it didn't - just like cloche hats that type of hat makes me look like I'm nothing but broad cheek bones.
So I never wore it. And one night last week I couldn't sleep and went up to get some more painkillers, and to cut the hat into a bonnet :)
I need to line the crown, because it snags my hair, but I love how tall it is.

I have also bought material for another bonnet: a braided place mat and a cotton satin sheet that was reduced by 70%. It will be enough to make a summer spencer too.

I was lazy this time and didn't unravel the stitching on the braid, but just cut the place mat to shape. I have made hats from place mats before, unraveling the braid and shaping it while sewing, like this cute 1940s breton hat:

But it does take quite a while to do.

I have also taken in my regency stays so that they fit my new size (if I made new ones I would make the gores in the cups somewhat shorter).

I need to take in my petticoat somewhat too of course.

I have also sewn the skirt on my first new gown, and started embroidering it.

The colour is seen in several late 18th-early 19th century pictures, though then probably made from silk, and not from cotton. Inspiration for embroidering it was gowns like this:

Which of course is silk, and has a much more rich and complicated embroidery. But I think my gown will look pretty with its cotton embroidery. The pattern I use is the same as on the cap of my folk costume, which is roughly from this period.

The other gowns I plan are to made from a saree that hasn't arrived yet, and from this printed thin cotton:

The bonnet with purple cotton satin is of course intended to be worn with that gown.

I also bought these shoes on sale yesterday, and though the metal details aren't to my liking, I think they will do. Especially after I've painted over the brass ;)

We plan to have a picnic Gunnebo House the first weekend in September, so I have to finish at least one gown by then.

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