tisdag 7 november 2017

I finished the Eleonora di Toledo skirt

While the bodice has been finished since April it took a while to get around to finishing the skirt. Not only because that's  a lot of trim to sew down, because that was finished this summer, but partly because I didn't have the unbleached linen I wanted to use for lining, and mostly becuase I started worting on the embroidered camicia (see last post) again.

But now the skirt is lined and finished. This would have gone much quicker if I had simply baglined dit, but of course I wanted to do it the way the original was done - apart from the fact that it wasn't lined, but I do that top spare the silk satin of the train from the dirt of the floors at events.

First I sewed a wide strip of the silk satin, the lining and the top fabric together on machine and then I folded all the seam allowances up against the skirt and whip stitched them in place.

 I then folded the silk satin strip , making it stick out about 1, 25 cm/1/2 an inch from the edge, and sewed it in place by hand.

It does take time to round 5 metres of skirt twice ;)

The I pressed it, and started cutting the edge with scissors.


Since I probably have to take in the bodice a little I will have to wait for Valeria to come home so we can try it on, before I attach the skirt.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Won't those cut edges fray as she walks around?

  2. A little probably, but not horribly, I have done this before on another gown.