måndag 14 maj 2018

Barbie's 16th century Saxon court gown

At Double Wars 2018 there was a party sponsored by the Ladies of the Rose (former queens in the SCA) and somehow that got me inspired and insane enough to make a 16th century Saxon Court gown which would have suited Barbie. In pink (synthetic) velvet and rayon brocade, both from my stash (the velvet was a gift many years ago).

I was obviously inspired by the paintings of Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The skirt is a full circle. I was really,. really short on fabric, so it got just a little bit shorter than I wanted.

The front edges of the bodice are stiffened with a row of hemp cord. The pink band over the bust is sewn to one side and pinned to the other with two large brass pins. The 

Less Barbie-like, with my hair covered by a net. I need to make another oen if I'm going to wear this gown more seriously. And I probably will, because I look pretty in it and despite being made mostly as a joke and from non-period materials, it is well made, and with no visible machine seams.

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