lördag 19 maj 2018

Pimp my Ikea bed

While the more ambitious of us (or those who have access to a wood working shop, or at least don't live in a flat) make their own beds I decided last year when I started making my painted chests (1 and 2) that I wouldn't make my own bed, but instead buy this cheap bed from Ikea. We bought it just before Double wars last year, and have thus used it twice now.

Here are some photos from my pavillion this year:

In the top photo you see the headboard of the bed, and while not glaringly non-medieval I still wanted to make it fit in more with the rest of the furniture, and with period images of beds.
Especially since a lot of people now have bought the same beds.

So glued some 1mm plywood on to two of the bars, making it look like a whole board there, and stained the whole bed with the same paint as the chests. I also painted our devices and some patterns on the "board" of plywood, and added two wooden knobs that I had painted.

I think it will look really nice when we camp next time.

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a marvelous idea! If my husband and I ever get into the SCA seriously, I'll have to get one of those IKEA beds--it would make a pretty good Viking bed also.

  2. It is rather nice not having to make everything yourself.