tisdag 22 maj 2018

Help me research YOU!

So, I have this side research project gong on, studying you, and myself, for a conference paper, and I would like you help me. I have made a survey on the re-creation and wearing of medieval dress.

About the survey:
This survey is a part of a research project on the choices and priorites made by people who re-create medieval clothing. It is inclusive and tries to cover both re-enactors, groups such as the SCA, LARPers and those who make medieval clothing In other contexts. For the purpose of the study "medieval" has been defined as the priod 500-1600. The 16th century has been included even if it's not part of the Middle Ages, because one of the largest groups which re-create medieval clothing, the SCA, include the 16th century in their re-created time period.
There will be questions both about your ow choices and practices and about you opinion on the choices and practices fo others. In the latter case "others" can be other people in general, or people taking part in the same re-creating activity as you do, the interpretation is up to you and you can define which in the comments if you want to.
You do not have to answer all questions, but the results will be more reliable if you do, so I am grateful if you complete the whole survey.
The point of the survey is not to judge, either from a point of period correctness or based on any moral criteria, but to study practices among those who make and wear medieval clothing. I will not judge you either for making all your garb from polyester and glue, nor for wanting to (metapphorically) burn those who do.  It is anonymous, and the information you provide about yourself will only used for statistics and not published in connection with any individual comments or answers.

About me: My name is Eva I Andersson and I am a historian working at the Department of Historical Studies at Gothenburg University in Sweden. I eared my PhD in 2006 on a dissertation medieval dress in Sweden and Norway. Since then I have mainly studied Early Modern dress, gender, and consumption. My professional web page can be found here

I have also made historical clothing, mainly medieval, since 1993, and this experience lies behind my interest in the practices of  re-creating medieval dress. (You know this if you're reading my blog ;) )

The survey can be found here.

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