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16th and 17th century paintings in Rotterdam

So, I've been to Rotterdam for five days, at a really huge 18th century history congress. I also did quite a lot of sightseeing and I can tell you there were lots of really spectacular modern architcture to be seen.
However, I also went in to the Boijmans & van Beuningen museum and took som photos of 16th and 17th century art, more specifically of clothes worn in art. My camer isn't the greatest and of course you weren't allowed to use flash, but I managed to get some shots of clothing that may be interesting.

I didn't take notes of what everything was though, because by then my arthritis was being evil and I could hardly stand the pain of being upright :(

But look at that 15th century fabric. With the centre of the large pattern repeat in the middle of his back.

Pretty 17th century, can't remember by whom.

 Look at the braid on this 17th century man's outifit. Again I didn't take a note of who the painter was.

Kids in the foreground and adults in the background of a painting mostly focused on a dead pig. 
By Barents Fabritius 1665

Emanuel de Witte: Inside the Rotterdam Exchange 1653

Emanuel de Witte: The courtyard of the Amsterdam Exchange 1653

Emanuel de Witte: interior with woman at the virginal. 1667-1670

Frans Hals: 57 years old woman, 1639. 

Gabriël Metsu: woman at the virginal 1665

Gerard Dou: The Quack, 1652

Gerard Dou: Woman at her toilet table 1667

Detail from Mariaplaats in Utrecht by Pieter Jasz. Saenredam, 1662

Close up of a 16th century collar with whitework and gold edging on the minuscule ruffle. 
Didn't check by whom.

Lucas van Leyden, the wife of Potifar

Detail of the above

Willem Pietersz. Buytewech, c. 1620.

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