onsdag 26 augusti 2015

A wams/doublet from the Enn's Tailor's Book

A few weeks ago I got Marion McNealy's and Katherine Barich's excellent new book Drei Schnittbücher in the mail. I didn't write about it in the blog then, since it didn't seem nice to do so, before it was available to buy, but now it is.

Anyway, I got really enthusiastic about the book and the patterns in it and started on one of the patterns last week. I then got a really bad cold and there was very little I could do but lie in my bed and rest. But when i was feelign a little better I watched Netflix and sewed. And now it is finished. There's more info on it's page.

The photo is a preliminary one: I just put on a kirtle and some easily accessible headwear, put the camera on a shelf, took off my glasses and posed. It will be replaced. Some time.

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