lördag 8 augusti 2015

Working on a 17th century gown

I guess it could only go this way. The last two years I have been working with a collection of burgher's probate inventories from 17th century Stockholm, and this spring I started on burgher's probate inventories from my home town Gothenburg. Add to that a study of portraits from the period, sicne the subject of my research is clothing.
   I got inspired early on, but resisted, mainly because I had nowhere to wear 17th century clothing. Then I saw that a local festival that used to have a medieval theme was going to have the 17th century as its theme this year.

So I decided to make a gown from burgundy wool that I got from my friend Anna. I started with the petticoat, which will double as petticoat under the red velvet dress.

Here's a nice photo of me wearing it with a 1940s house dress under it.

It will need a small roll and a petticoat under it, but I already have a linen one that I wore under my Anglaise that will work.

Today I tried on my boned bodice, or at least the boned layers - it will have a lining on the inside, as well as the wool top fabric. And som extra buckram stiffening in front. Since this was my first try at drafting a 17th century bodice I wanted to test it before however. I will shorten the top part of the straps, but other than that I am very happy with it. Very comfortable.

The shift is  an old one and will need a new, wider neckline. But the sleeves look good enough, so I won't have to make a new shift before next Saturday.

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