torsdag 27 augusti 2015

Playing with a wulst

Since I still have a temperature and generally feel crappy I have been sitting on my couch today, sewing a linen cap (you can never have too many) and my first wulst, that is: a crescent shaped roll worn on the head to give the right shape to the rest of the headwear in late 15th and early 16th century Germany.

Or, as my husband said: the headwear is getting sillier and sillier.

As usual modelled with a floral cotton house dress. First I tried it with my red and gold haube with forehead cloth. 

Then I made the line cap, which is tied in the back of the neck and tried it with a veil over the wulst.

The veil  is an old one that I usually wear with my 14th century gowns, but it worked nice for this too. There's actually just one pin keeping the veil in place, but I would add a few more if I was going to wear it for longer times. I would also have another, white veil under the sheer striped one.

Then I got the excellent idea to put on my gollar, to hide the house dress, to look more German.

In these photos you see that I need anotehr veil under the sheer one. But also that I look very much like a German Matron from the first half of the 16th century.

Albrecht Dürer, woman from Nürnberg

 1514, The birth of St. Nicolaus

Portrait of a women, by Wolf Traut 1510

Portrait of Dorothea Meyer by Holbein

I have gathered that most people who make wulsts today sew the to a cap, but I think there is more veratility with a loose roll, since I can wear it under different types of headwear.

And here it is - it started out as a pn oblong shape pointed in both edges, sewn together and stuffed with cotton batting. By sewing down folds I gave it a crescent shape. This is how I make shoulder rolls too.

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