tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Sheer 16th century headwear inspiration

A week or so ago I made this combination of coif and wired cap from a checked silk organza that I bought many years ago from a women that I knew on LiveJournal.

This, which is a Swedish portrait from the 16th century was my inspiration. Her coif and cap are, of course made of gold coloured net and not sheer silk, but sinve I could chose from checked silk and lurex net in my fabric stash, I ended up with the silk. For now at least. 

 There are more differences of course, like hers having pearls at the edge of both cap and coif and that the coif has a gold trim at the edge, but I really just wanted to try out the look of a sheer coif and cap.

Then today I found this portrait by a follower of  Antonis Mor:

It could almost be my cap, except for the jewel and the lack of gold in my lace edging. I am very pleased.

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