onsdag 21 juni 2017

Empire corset revisited

 Yesterday my friend Alfhild came by. She had visited another friend who wants to make both regency and Victorian clothes and was really inspired to  to make some too.
So we dug out my books, and then I got inspired to show my stuff and ended up opening boxes with costumes which hadn't been touched for years.
They are kept under our bed, and unfortunately our cat Mysko had managed to get into one of them and had puked on my 18th century shift, and an antique lace shawl. The shawl was too delicate to wash, so I just gave up and threw it in the trash. The shift will be washed next time we have the laundry room, next week, and hopefully it can be saved. But Mysko was very cheap for anyone wanting to buy him then ;)

Anyway, I dug out clothes and I tried on clothes, and to my great joy my empire corset still works, though it has to be laced wholly shut at the back. The same was the case with the smaller of my 18th century stays, though they should ideally be taken in at the waist - they're too tight at the top if I lace them shut, and too loose in the waist. I'll see if I'll do something about that, I have a partly finished robe à la francaise that I started 14 years ago, which would be fun to finish I guess.

Rickard took a photo of me in the empire corset, but I didn't get any in my 18th century stays.

The petticoat, gown, bonnet adn shawl that go with these underwear can be seen here. Unfortunately I suspect that the gown is too big, I didn't try it on, because I needed to pack away stuff for the night.

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