söndag 4 juni 2017

Sewing list

So, on Friday I went to a viva, where a colleague defended his PhD thesis. While interesing enough I do have a problem concentrating for two hours, unless I have something to knit och sew with me, so I started makign a sewing list.

I love making sewing lists, I find them everyhwere in my notebooks from seminars or from travelling. But I haven't made many the last years, because I sort of had all the historical clothes I needed. But since I became a baroness in March 2016, and even more since I lost so much weight (34 kilos) I've started sewing again, and hence: making sewing lists.

So, this is what this one says:

Sewing list June 2017
Mint green Italian  sleeved surcoat ca 1330.
Wrap dress (1940s style) in printed cotton in blue end red This one I cut and almost finished yesterday. It only needs to have the skirt and ties attached.
Sun dress (1950s style) in mint green cotton with tiny blue dots
Italian late 15th century gown in red velvet with turquoise velvet brocade sleeves
New hose for Rickard
New hose for me
Green wool surcoat without sleeves
Supportive linen shift - re-make
Lengberg bra?

Re-make in the future 
Red velvet Swedish 16th century gown with green brocade
Mint green Italian 14th century
Purple silk bliaut 
Green Swedish 16th century wool dress (no images, never worn, I wasn't happy with it)
Red Swedish 16th century under gown based on a statue from Dala Järna (no images, never worn, I wasn't happy with it)
Blue over gown gown based on a statue from Dala Järna (no images, never worn, I wasn't happy with it)
Burgundy ("modern") grosgrain skirt
Light yellow 1940s style summer dress. Re-made to a wrap dress yesterday.

Sewing (Again. I ran out of re-make stuff)
Giornea - colour?
Italian 16th century in turquoise blue
Pisa gown from red velvet 
Tudor gown?

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