torsdag 22 juni 2017

Immediate corset crisis solved

Not that I'm going to wear 16th century clothing to an SCA event before I step down as baroness, but I have a plan for a photo session by the fake Tudor castle Tjolöholm, south of Gothenburg some day this summer. Alfhild and I should dress up in green Elizabethan dresses and look pretty together.

So I decided to try my effigy corset, which was rather tight last time I tried (and I haven't worn for years), and now it was comfortable, too comfortable - my boobs slid down :)

Fortunately I have another corset, a hand sewn version of Pfalzgräfin Dorothea von Neuburg's corset. I made it at about the same time as my hand sewn effigy corset, but never wore it, because it turned otu to be a little too tight for comfort.

Not anymore!

Image from 2007.

I may shorten it a little, which easy since the tabs aren't boned, because apparently I wasn't that good at finding my natural waist bacek then.
This goes for the green dress I planned to wear too, which isn't only too long in the waist, but also (of course) too big.

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