lördag 24 juni 2017

Midsummer in folk costume

If you have a folk costume, Midsummer eve in Sweden is the traditional day to wear it. Which meant that I spent last week taking in the bodice sothat I could wear it today ;) This one comes from
Åse and Viste, which is close to where I lived when I was younger, and I've made it myself - for more details and information on this costume, and general information about Swedish folk costumes, look here.

Iwent with my best friend, her family and her sisters and their families to a Midsummer celebration at Gunnebo House, a lovely 18th century house and gardens. There was a group showing folk dancing, which really is the one thing I don't want to miss at midsummer.

Folkdanslaget Näverluren:

I even shot a very short video (despite being a total luddite when it comes to using my cell phone)

And my best friend inger took some photos of me in my costume, before it started to rain...

And after

The last image really show how the headwear should be worn; historically the cap was always covered out of doors, to protect i from both sun and rain.But nobody does that nowadays. And it would be a waste not to show the pretty cap.

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