tisdag 8 november 2016

Pimping my gown

Ten years ago I made my first c. 1300 silk gown. Then I wore it to my viva party and spilled something on it. In addition to that the fabric got an uneven bleaching when washed, or something - you can see it in the photos, it's at hip level. So, I didn't feel much like wearing it on its own, though it has seen quite a lot of use as an undertunic under surcoats.

Then my recent interest in fabric printing happenede, in combination with me being on sick leave, because the pain of my arthritis makes it impossible for me to concentrate and think. Printing doesn't take much concentration though,. luckily. And neither does fixing the paint on each motif with an iron; it is just extremely boring. And you can always take a half hour break lying down on your acupuncture mat. So, this is the result:

I look a little like a victorian bookmark angel, but that isn't so strange, since they were often based on Italian renaissance art.

I tried putting on the pink gown over it, with the necklines pinned together, and another veil, which has a small pattern painted on in gold, though that is hardly visible in the photo.

Some friends of mine had a class called "Pimp my garb", which was all about accessorizing, decorating etc, medieval style. Hence the title of this post, though I went for gold paint instead of naughty pewter pins or belt hooks.

4 kommentarer:

  1. What a great makeover! The blue gown now looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. I think the pink overgown works well with it, too!

  4. Thank you! it's not documentable, but the colour change is less noticeable and I will wear it more now.